Ronaldinho Joins Conservation Party Ahead of Brazil Elections

Ronaldinho Joins Conservation Party Ahead of Brazil Elections

Former Barcelona and AC Milan superstar, Ronaldinho Gaucho has joined politics in his native Brazil ahead October’s general election.

38-year-old Ronaldinho, who was an integral part of Brazil’s 2002 World Cup triumph in Korea/Japan, joined the Brazilian Republican Party (PRB) alongside his manager and brother Roberto de Assis Moreira.

Speaking to reporters at the Party’s headquarters, Ronaldinho said: “I am happy to be able to participate in a project that aims at the best of our country and that brings modernity, joy, and health to the entire population.”

“We are Brazilians, we live in Brazil and we are concerned about the country. We have come from a growth through sport and we know what it is capable of doing for children and young people.

“Today, we believe in innovation, in the party’s projects of helping the population. It will be a pleasure to collaborate.” his brother, Assis explained further.

However, it’s not clear if Ronaldinho and his brother will run for office yet.


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March 22nd, 2018

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