Youth's Participation In Politics & Social Development

In Morning Crossfire 2019-12-13 15:48:06
Youth's Participation In Politics & Social Development
Youth's Participation In Politics & Social Development

By Jude Chukwuemeka



Gabriel Attal - French Minister of State, attached to the Minister of National Education and Youth


Why this topic is important:


Over the years, Nigeria has sustained diverse bilateral relationship with various countries, and this does not exclude France. Nigeria has maintained her relationship with France for some decades.


Nigeria-France relationship in diverse areas also cut across the rapid development of both countries' sectors and peculiar needs.


Our conversation with Gabriel Attal has shown that Nigeria's diplomatic relationship with France has grown over the years.


The French Foreign Ministry is currently looking at supporting three sectors, with a system of incubation of Nigerian projects along with French experts.


These sectors are a highly collaborative and labor-intensive venture that requires the assembly of large teams, especially with trained young people.


On the show, Gabriel Attal calls Lagos a “very young city” and that “Lagos brought him to Lagos”. He sees Lagos as a very dynamic city which is developing its own youths in diverse ways.


Attal also mentions the Alliance Francaise and the hard work that Bella Adenuga-Disu is putting into it. He says he’s here in Nigeria to appreciate the work she’s been doing and to thank her for it.


Attal, who started working in State governance at the age of 30 says that youths are facing challenges. He pointed to climate change as a big challenge for young ones now in Nigeria.


“I suppose young ones can come together and offer ideas and proposals.”


When speaking about Nigeria’s culture, Attal mentions Fella Kuti, saying he was a very famous person in Nigeria and the world. “Fela is very popular with his musical culture around the world and when President Macron came to Nigeria a year ago, he went to his shrine. I also know the younger musicians like Davido.”


Regarding collaborations in cinema and films, Attal says Nigeria and France are already collaborating every month, every year.


“A few months ago, cinema professionals from France met their Nigeria counterparts and they had a successful meeting.  Also, in a few month there will be a signed agreement between the Nigerian Center for Cinema and the French Centre for Cinema. This is meant to improve film literacy and production, seeing that French has a lot to learn from Nigeria. For example, there are 2,500 films produced in Nigeria each year. I think there’s something to learn from that.”


You can come to France and study a hundred percent in English. In the last four years, we have more Nigerian students coming to France

- Gabriel Attal



Speaking about the possibility of having more Nigerians travel to France to study, he says he sees more of that coming, although most of the students moving from Africa to France are coming from the French countries.


“All that is changing because now in France we develop many English programs in French Universities. These programs are almost 2,000 in number. So, you can come to France and study a hundred percent in English. In the last four years, we have more Nigerian students coming to France.”


Already, Attal is enjoying sight-seeing in Lagos and says he's soon to test out Nigerian food such as jollof rice.


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