Xhaka Apologises To Arsenal Fans

In Sports 2019-11-01 08:51:02
Xhaka Apologises To Arsenal Fans
Xhaka Apologises To Arsenal Fans

By Ufuoma Egbamuno


Almost always, a footballer who insults his club’s fans has to apologise whether he or she was provoked or not. And that’s exactly what Arsenal captain, Granit Xhaka has done.  


In a statement put out via the club’s social media handles, Xhaka says he let himself “be carried away and reacted in a way that disrespected the group of fans” that support the club.


After he was substituted in the second half, Granit was booed by a section of the Arsenal fans at the Emirates and he reacted using swear words while slowly walking off the pitch.


The Swiss International insists it was not his “intention” and he is “sorry if that’s what people thought.”


However he went on to explain that he has been the subject of “repeated abusive comments” during football games and also on social in the last few months. “We will break your legs”, “Kill your wife” and “Wish that your daughter gets cancer” are some of the comments the Arsenal says has been thrown at him.


“That has stirred me up and I reached boiling point when I felt the rejection in the stadium on Sunday”, Xhaka explains.


“I love this club and always give 100% on and off the pitch,” he adds.


The Arsenal captain has had a bittersweet relationship with a large section of the club’s fans who expect a lot more from him. Many weren’t particularly happy with his choice as club captain.


But Xhaka has pleased the fans asking that both parties “get back to a place of mutual respect” and “move forward positively together”