Xenophobic Attacks: Nigerians in SA Receive Warning

In News 2019-04-05 15:45:54
Xenophobic Attacks: Nigerians in SA Receive Warning
Xenophobic Attacks: Nigerians in SA Receive Warning

As more up-rising against Nigerians continue to occur in South Africa, The Nigerian Union in South Africa (NUSA), recently encouraged Nigerians living in South Africa, to be conscious of their security.


After many months of silence regarding South Africans attacking Nigerians in the country, there is renewed xenophobic attacks on foreigners in that country. Reliable sources have verified that Nigerians were affected by the latest attacks.


Meanwhile, the new call for Nigerians to be cautious in South Africa was necessary to prevent further casualties in form of Nigerian lives, property and goods.


“We enjoin our people to always be conscious of their environment and maintain constant communication with each other. We also advise Nigerians in various Provinces to report incidents of attacks against foreigners to appropriate authorities, especially the South African Police Service and Community Policing Forum.


“In addition, members are encouraged to report any incident of attack to the local chapter of NUSA. Practical steps to effective tax compliance by SMEs Miller said that the NUSA leadership at the Wards and Provinces are expected to inform the union’s National Secretariat for onward progression to appropriate authorities.”


Both South African and Nigerian governments are currently doing their best on handling of the crisis, by advising Nigerians to avoid acts capable of provoking further attacks against them.