World Teachers' Day 2019

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World Teachers' Day 2019
World Teachers' Day 2019

Morning Crossfire takes a look at World Teachers Day 2019. This year, World Teachers’ Day celebrated teachers on October 5 with the theme, “Young Teachers: The future of the Profession.” The day provides the occasion to celebrate the teaching profession worldwide, to take stock of achievements, and to address some of the issues central for attracting and keeping the brightest minds and young talents in the profession.


No doubt, as pointed out during the show, teachers play a vital role in training, coaching and determining the quality of education, which is critical to sustainable national development. For us in Nigeria, one question is evident; in what ways can government encourage the Nigerian teachers more?


In 2018, Nigeria was said to be in needing a large number of teachers. Yet, The Nigerian Union of Journalists stated in 2019 that eight states had not employed any teacher in Nigeria since 2015.


TRCN in October 2017 also reported that about 300,000 of the 700,000 teachers in Nigerian schools were not qualified to teach and that about 25,000 of the unqualified teachers were teaching in schools in Kano State.


In 2018, Teachers Registration Council of Nigeria (TRCN) reported that the country “is in need of 250,000 teachers annually to cater to the growing population of pupils.


The Nigeria Union of Teachers in May 2019 confirmed that only eight states had employed primary school teachers since 2015 while the 28 states haven’t employed teachers since 2015.


One of the guests, Aetutu Ogunjobi, says she is trained, studied mass communications and she graduated then went back to read education management at the University of Lagos.  She also attended Nigerian Institute of Teachers Training. What inspired her interest in being a teacher?


“Getting a job for me was not going to be a problem. I knew that if I became a teacher I would have more time to myself. It was a misconception. My grandma was a teacher and I had aunts that were teachers, so when I told my parents they kicked against it. They wanted someone like an accountant in our family.


“I thought I would have a splendid and peaceful life with myself and my family but I was so wrong. I grew up in Ekiti State but came over to Lagos to Teach, which was a different experience for me entirely. What motivates me is the change you can see in a child. They pick up on their own and they become what they’re supposed to be. Children are amazing.


“For a trained teacher, lack of support is one of the biggest challenges. I have everything you said this morning about the country needing teachers. Are they ready to employ the teachers? We have trained teachers but do they have the support to do what they have been trained to do? Do they have basic amenities to pass on what they have learned? If we talk about teachers all around the world can the Nigerian teacher stand?


She also reacted to the notion that private schools in Nigeria are fond of recruiting quirks as teachers. “I speak about my experience. Everywhere I worked I worked with trained teachers and I’m one of them,” she says.


Comrade Ayetoba Gbenga remarks that both private and public schools are eligible to be under the NUT umbrella, although right now, only public schools are under the umbrella of NUT. He expresses dismay for being on a radio conversation with a colleague from a private school.


“At the present time, private schools are filled with unqualified teachers. You hardly get a teacher from the public schools that is not qualified. But in private schools we have many quirks. We have more of them in private schools than in public schools. It’s about the condition of service. There’s none for the private schools but Lagos State is doing its best on quality assurance.”


Rotimi Sankore also reveals shocking statistics on the state of education now and in the future of the country. Click below to get the full information and don’t forget to add your comments.


According to research, more than 100 nations celebrate the World Teachers Day globally.


Show Hosts: Wemimo Adewuni and Sheriff Qadri




  • Comrade Ayetoba Gbenga - State Secretary NUT Lagos State.
  • Aetutu Ogunjobi - Head of School Russell International School Lekki
  • RotimiSankore - Journalist, Policy and Development Expert.




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