World Day against Trafficking In Persons 2019

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World Day against Trafficking In Persons 2019
World Day against Trafficking In Persons 2019

The July 2018 Global Slavery Index report ranks Nigeria 32nd of the 167 countries with the highest number of slaves – 1,386,000.


Human trafficking involves the legal trade of people for exploitation or commercial gain and it is 150 billion dollar global industry. Two-third of this amount, which is about 99 billion dollars is gotten from commercial sexual exploitation; another 51 billion is gotten from forced economic exploitation including domestic work. The average woman who is trafficked for forced sexual servitude generates about $100,000 in annual profits, thereby clarifying the fact that this is big business.


The July 2018 Global Slavery Index report reveals that there are 40.3 million victims of modern slavery worldwide. 71 percent of those are women and girls, while 25 percent are children. The United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime in its 2019 report estimates the number of children in slavery at almost one-third of the total numbers of victims in slavery globally.


99 percent of the 4.8 million victims of commercial sexual exploitation in 2016 were women and girls. One in every five of these were children. Women and girls represented 84 percent of the 15.4 million people that were forced into marriages and 59 of those into private forced labor, according to a report from Alliance. The index also showed that modern-day slavery is still most prevalent in Africa with 9.24 million slaves.



What NAPTIP Does

NAPTIP is now encouraging people and orientating them. It approaches schools and educate students all about human trafficking. Also, the Foundation is putting up a website and encouraging the media to join and educate Nigerians on the dangers of human trafficking.



UNESCO in 2006 revealed that human trafficking is the third most common crime in Nigeria after drug trafficking and economic fraud.


NAPTIP Nigeria reports that the average age of trafficked children in Nigeria is 15. According to NAPTIP, 75% of those who are trafficked within Nigeria are trafficked across states, while 23% are trafficked within states.



In 2018, National Agency for the Prohibition of Trafficking in Persons (NAPTIP) received a total of 1,076 human trafficking and other related cases and out of all these, only 206 were fully investigated. Of the 1,173 victims rescued, 1,099 are Nigerians. Edo State has the most share with 143 victims. Kano had 123, while Benue had 106 victims. The Agency also received 64 other victims who were not Nigerians. Republic of Benin had 27 victims, Ghana had 19 victims, while Nigeria had over 200. NAPTIP won 31 court cases in 2018.


These statistics were reeled off by Wemimo Adewuni and Sherif Quadri. Barrister O.J Olawale shows up on Morning Crossfire today and discusses the issue with Wemimo Adewuni and Sherif Quari. Barrister O.J Olawale, is President, Kick Against Human Trafficking and Human Rights Abuses Foundation (KAHTHRAF).


He started by showing how grim the human trafficking situation is at the present time. “Initially we just took it as if you want to move. From history, we know that as humans we move from place to place. If you go to the Biblical allusion you will see that migration is normal. That is the reason human trafficking has become a very big phenomenon that needs to be addressed. We have internally trafficked people but we don’t even look at that; we have internationally trafficked people too. So, those internally trafficked people are those that end up as house girls, domestic slaves, and so on. We don’t know where they are coming from. Some of these victims claim to be kindred to their masters but they are not.


If you investigate properly, you will discover that some of them are not Nigerians and some have been kidnapped. Now, the problem is no more of children and women alone but also of organ harvesting. Some today who are trafficked are used as lab rats, some are used by terrorists to train their members hardened at heart. They use the trafficked person as a live trial for their members.


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Written by Jude Chukwuemeka