Why we don’t screen outbound passengers for Ebola- NCAA

In News 2019-08-19 12:46:57
Why we don’t screen outbound passengers for Ebola- NCAA
Why we don’t screen outbound passengers for Ebola- NCAA

By Olamide Fadoju


General Manager, Nigeria Civil Aviation Authority(NCAA), Sam Adurogboye  has said that people traveling out of Nigeria are not checked  for Ebola virus because the country is currently Ebola free.


Mr Adurogboye explained this during an interview with Wemimo Adewuni and Sheriff Quadri on Nigeria Info 99.3 FM Programme, Morning Crossfire.


According to him, it is believed that those that are travelling outside the country are healthy and hence, do not need to be checked for the Ebola virus.


 “If you are going to go out on international flight, you are expected to have checked yourself and have your yellow vaccination card and that is an indication that you have taken vaccination against any communicable disease,” he said.


While responding to questions on how such a conclusion could be made given that Ebola is not a vaccinable disease and the porosity of Nigerian borders, the NCAA GM maintained that he is very sure that Nigeria is Ebola free and if it was not the case, it would have been established by now.


Meanwhile, he assured that measures have been put in place by the NCAA to check inbound passengers to prevent the risk of people coming into the country with the Ebola virus.


Mr Adurogboye said “we have port officials at the airport, every inbound passenger is screened. They have an handheld machine which they apply on the passengers that are coming in.”