Why Amotekun Is Illegal - Security Expert

In Politics 2020-01-20 11:51:02
Why Amotekun Is Illegal - Security Expert
Why Amotekun Is Illegal - Security Expert

By Olamide Fadoju


The Western Nigeria Security Network (WNSN) popularly known as 'Amotekun' is illegal due to its lack of constitutional backing.


Former Assistant Director, Department of State Services(DSS), Dennis Amachree said this today on the Morning Crossfire on 99.3 Nigeria Info.


According to Amachree, Nigeria’s constitution doesn’t recognize regional security outfits and Amotekun is operating on illegality.


“Amotekun as presently instituted is illegal. Illegal in the sense that they are not backed by law. I don’t know. Even the governor who is a SAN ( Governor Rotimi Akeredolu)  is there and they should know that.


“You (South-West governors) brought them out with no backing by law. They are regional and there is nothing like region in our constitution."


Using the Lagos example, he explained what should have been done to make Amotekun legal and acceptable by the constitution.


“Lagos State has a Neighborhood Watch and it is backed by a promulgation of the State Assembly. There are many of them backed by the State of Assembly law that brought them into being and that is what is expected of Amotekun.


"The narrative should have been that all the six states like Lagos have already created their own Amotekun. Like the one in Lagos, the Neighborhood Watch. And call Amotekun, in Ogun State call it ‘Amotekun Ogun’ and let the State Assembly promulgate the law to cover them and then if they want a regional thing, they will be operating  with a handshake to understand each other."