What will happen after the 2019 general elections?

In Politics 2019-02-21 15:10:27
What will happen after the 2019 general elections?
What will happen after the 2019 general elections?

Will events immediately following the elections favour Nigerians?

What isolates the two noteworthy political parties in 2019 by all accounts is known as opposed to ideological contrasts.


In 2015, APC was the main party that guaranteed to battle corruption and that made the political party well known among the majority. This election period, the PDP banner advertises his 'productivity' to show signs of improvement while the APC presidential applicant parades his honesty to wage fruitful war against corruption.


Yet, looking at the fundamentally, the two parties have declarations that are not quite the same as one another: battling corruption, battling fear mongering, guaranteeing security, and so forth.


However, one question that thoughtful individuals are asking is what will happen at the aftermath of the 2019 general elections.


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  • No budget before June
  • Rule of law risk
  • Nobody can plan, not even the government
  • The biggest challenge is to look for ways to bridge the 3trillion dollar infrastructure risk in Nigeria
  • Nigerians should  not forget to ask politicians for accountability in view of the promises that they have made before they were voted into office