We’ll Sanction Staff Guilty Of Extortion - NIMC

In News 2019-09-30 11:23:06
We’ll Sanction Staff Guilty Of Extortion - NIMC
We’ll Sanction Staff Guilty Of Extortion - NIMC

By Olamide Fadoju


National Identity Management Commission (NIMC) says that it will punish any of its staff found guilty of any kind of extortion including charging Nigerians to process the National ID card.


Regional Coordinator NIMC, Lagos, Mr. Kayode Adegoke who disclosed this in an interview with Nigeria Info said the commission has a zero-tolerance to extortion policy.


He said “For us, in  NIMC, we have an internal mechanism where staff are sanctioned. Especially staff who have erred in the course of the duty when it comes to integrity”.


Despite several reports of Nigerians being asked to pay a fee before their National ID cards are processed or issued, Mr Kayode maintained that the National ID card enrollment is free.


According to him, “We have said it at several fora that the enrolment is free, card issuance is free, issuance of NIM is free


“But we have had cases where one or two applicants have complained about the attitude of our staff in some locations. We have sanctioned staff I can tell you that”.


Meanwhile, Mr Kayode also revealed that the NIMC has captured about 37 million Nigerians on their platform since 2007 adding that the failure of previous registrations exercises was responsible for the numbers they had so far.


“There was a bit of apathy on the part of Nigerians towards the exercise and I can’t blame Nigerians because of the previous experience with the 2002-2003 exercise


"So many Nigerians felt it will go the same way not knowing that this is a serious ball game and we are serious now about the identification process in Nigeria”, he said.