Using Gas Cylinders Indoors is Suicidal - Fire Service Official

In News 2019-12-05 19:01:13
Using Gas Cylinders Indoors is Suicidal - Fire Service Official
Using Gas Cylinders Indoors is Suicidal - Fire Service Official

By Dipo Omoware


The use of Gas Cylinders or Camp Gas in homes is “a suicide mission.” This is according to an official of the Lagos State Fire Service, Mr Amodu Sakiru.


The Public Education Officer of the Lagos State Fire Service made this assertion on Nigeria Info’s Morning Crossfire while speaking to show host Sheriff Quadri and Wemimo Adewuni.


He pointed out that Camp Gases or cylinders are not meant for indoor use and insists it is “careless attitude” to do so.


“If you have your gas cylinder inside your kitchen, you’re on a suicide mission. I can tell you that wholeheartedly.”


“For you not to be on a suicide mission, ensure that your gas cylinder is outside. It is the burner, the cooker that is made for indoor use and the idea of camp gas being indoor use also is out of place.”





This warning is coming at a particularly crucial time following a gas explosion that occurred yesterday at 4Point by Sheraton on the Oniru axis in Lagos state.


Nigeria Info had reported that at least 7 were injured and several properties damaged in an accident that occurred as a result of a gas leakage on the hotel premises.


Fire accidents due to gas explosions have rocked a few communities recently. On November 28, 2019 a gas explosion occurred in Ajegunle area of Lagos, Southwest Nigeria, with two children burnt to death and 23 others severely burnt. In September last year, a gas explosion at the Monaco Gas Station in Lafia, Nasarawa State reportedly killed scores of people and left many others injured. In January of the same year, gas explosion left 10 dead and several injured in Magodo community of Lagos.


The fire service official highlighted what to do when facing a gas fuelled fire explosion.


“Find a way to escape” he said.


“If there is a fire, there are two thing you need to do; the first thing to do is run out, escape and then go to the gas cylinder and shut the valve.”


“When you shut off the valve”, he explained, “the fire will be out in no time because the only fuel that will be burning will be the gas in the hose.”  


“Even the greatest firefighters will not be able to put out a gas cylinder if the gas is still fuelling the fire.”


“The only way to put out a gas fire is to you know you get to the valve and shut the supply of the gas” he concluded.