Updates On Xenophobic Attacks And Reprisals In South Africa

In Morning Crossfire 2019-09-04 09:54:36
Updates On Xenophobic Attacks And Reprisals In South Africa
Updates On Xenophobic Attacks And Reprisals In South Africa

Morning Crossfire today deals with issues of violent attacks that started in South Africa by South Africans and that yesterday started in Nigeria by Nigerians agains South Africans in Nigeria. South African-owned companies are now under attack by Nigerians who want vengeance for the violence perpetrated against Nigerians in South Africa.


Orji Alexander, a guest during the Morning Crossfire show said the way Nigerians are going about handling the issue is totally wrong. He said he didn't expect that this would degenerate to this level.


"It is absolutely condemnable and completely wrong," Orji says. "However, let's not be surprised that this is happening. When you fail to address a situation as it is now, you should expect that this is just the beginning. When you don't arrest people and punish them immediately, it serves as a good reason for others to continue promoting what is bad. A lot of people are ignorant and that's why Nigerians are doing these things. Most of the things you see in Shoprite are Nigerian goods."


Rotimi also butressed that fact."I'm not just talking about the franchise, that it is owned by Nigerians, many of the goods on the shelves are made in Nigeria."



Reports indicate that the Xenophobic Attacks in South Africa have led to reprisal protest in Nigeria. Shoprite, a South African company, shut down operations yesterday with staff locked inside its shopping complexes across Lagos.


Similarly, MTN, a South African telecommunications company, also closed some of its outlets in Lagos for fear of an attack by angry Nigerians. The Xenophobic Attacks by South Africans have left Nigerians reeling with reactions and calling for the President Muhammadu Buhari to stop the killing of Nigerians in South Africa.


On The Demand Of The Nigerian Government To The South African Government: while speaking to Journalists after a meeting with PMB, Foreign Affairs Minister, Geoffery Onyeama, said Nigeria had made two major demands from the South African government.


According to him, the special envoy sent by President Muhammadu Buhari to South Africa will focus on the two issues: the compensation payment and what security mechanism to be put in place to make sure that these kinds of attacks do not recur.



Statistics show that between January and June 2019, 10 Nigerians have been killed, either by citizens of South Africa or South African Police Service.


2019: Timeline of Nigerians Killed In South Africa


February 3rd 2019: xenophobic killings started with the picture of an unknown Nigerian who is in his mid-20s being shared with claims the South African Police killed him.


A Twitter user, @NduChiogie gave more information about the killing. According to him, the Nigerian travelled to South Africa on January 14 and was killed on February 3.


March 15 2019: Another unidentified Nigerian was killed in a drive-by shooting in the Troye Street, Sunnyside, Pretoria. According to eye-witnesses, the attackers were trailing his car and drove beside him when he stopped, shooting him multiple times. The victim, who was 44, was attacked after he had dropped off his brother.



April 5 2019: Goziem Akpenyi was stabbed to death at Bellville Stadium parking lot in Cape Town at about 1 pm. He was stabbed by three unidentified coloured South African men after an argument and died on the spot.


April 6 2019: Mr Bonny Iwuoha, who was 48, from Ihitte/Uboma in Imo State, was also stabbed to death at about 11:45 pm in Johannesburg. It was gathered that he was trailed from 152 Hay Street Turffontein, and thereafter, stabbed and killed in front of his gate at Turf Road, Turffontein.


April 27 2019: 34-year-old Nigerian, Samuel Nkennaya, was killed by some South Africans. His attackers claimed to have thought he kidnapped a six-year-old girl he was holding. Nkennaya was mobbed together with his friend Chinonso Nwudo when they came out of a supermarket. Nkennaya died at the scene of the mob while Nwudo was left in critical condition.


April 28 2019: Ebuka Udugbo was allegedly killed by South African Police. Udugbo was said to have had a quarrel with his girlfriend in the morning of April 28. His girlfriend reportedly called the police after he had left the house but the police went after him and arrested him.


May 3 2019: Okechukwu Henry from Nigeria’s Imo State was stabbed to death by unidentified robbers in Mpumalanga. Henry, a car dealer who specialised in used cars, lived in Middleburg Mpumalanga Province. 


June 13 2019: Obianuju Ndubuisi-Chukwu, a Nigerian insurance chief, was killed in her hotel room. She was found dead in her room at Emperor Palace Hotel after attending a meeting of the African Insurance Organisation in the South African commercial capital. Her death sparked outrage both in Nigeria and South Africa with the Nigerian senate urging President Muhammadu Buhari to issue a travel alert on South Africa.


The Nigerian Consul-General in SA, Godwin Adama, in an interview with the noted that: the renewed Xenophobic Attacks on Nigerians and the spate of violence could be attributed to a weak judicial system and a lack of adequate of stringent measures against crimes.



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  • Written by Jude Chukwuemeka