Tyson Fury is New Heavyweight King

In Sports 2020-02-23 05:50:42
Tyson Fury is New Heavyweight King
Tyson Fury is New Heavyweight King

By Ufuoma Egbamuno


Tyson Fury is the new WBC World Heavyweight Champion after dethroning former Champion in the hugely anticipated bout.


Wilder started like a house on fire in the first round but Fury dominated from the second round as he knocked down his opponent in the third round.


A punch to the side of Wilder’s head by Fury in the third round seemed to be the turning point in the fight as Wilder never seemed to recover from it. Wilder seemed to lose his balance from there onward and Fury capitalised on the momentum.


This continued into the seventh round but with punches flying from the Brit, the referee ended the fight as Wilder’s team asked for the game to end.


There is now a new king in the heavyweight. His name is Tyson Fury!