TIN Registration Will Address Multiple Tax Records - Fowler

In News 2019-11-07 17:38:48
TIN Registration Will Address Multiple Tax Records - Fowler
TIN Registration Will Address Multiple Tax Records - Fowler

The Chairman of the Joint Task Board (JTB) Tunde Fowler says the TIN Registration System will address the challenge of multiple registration by taxpayers for multiple TIN numbers from different tax authorities and states.


He also says it will encourage the state government to remit all with-holding taxes and VAT due the federation account.


Fowler revealed this at the inauguration of the new Joint Tax Board (JTB) Tax Identification Number Registration System and Consolidated National Taxpayers’ Database which has been inaugurated for the five South-East States of the country at the Prof Dora Akunyili Women Development Centre in Awka.


“We’re confident that this gesture will encourage state governments to also promptly remit all with-holding taxes and VAT due to the federation account”, said Fowler.


“The new National Registration System strongly tie in with this desire to drive the financial and economic regeneration of the region in particular and Nigeria in general into one that is viable, sustainable and inclusive.”


Nkem Okeke who represented the Governor Willie Obiano at trhe event said the state is poised to key into the initiative to end multiple taxation in the state.


He also said the initiative, guided by the state’s vision will help make Anambra state a first choice investment destination.  


“We commend the Joint Task Force for their efforts in this regard and assure you of a conducive environment for a successful implementation and operation of the new TIN registration system in Anambra state.”


“We have in the past few years engaged in various reforms to improve tax administration and revenue generation. These reforms have been carefully guided by our vision which is to make Anambra state the first choice investment destination and a hub for industrialization and commercial activities”, noted the Governor.


The JTB TIN Registration System is an application developed to assign identification numbers to all potential corporate and individual taxpayers that have been identified by Identity Management Agencies in the country.