#TheGlassCeiling: Honoring Elisha Abo Is Unacceptable – Ireti Bakare-Yusuf

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#TheGlassCeiling: Honoring Elisha Abo Is Unacceptable – Ireti Bakare-Yusuf
#TheGlassCeiling: Honoring Elisha Abo Is Unacceptable – Ireti Bakare-Yusuf

By Jude Chukwuemeka



“Do Nigerians really disapprove of violence against women? Last year, a senator got caught on camera beating up a woman. What happened to him? He got honored.” Sandra refers to Senator Elisha Abo, representing Adamawa under the PDP party.


“Did the senate punish him? No. Did his party punish him? No. Now that the matter has died down, he is receiving accolades. A few weeks back, a media group named him Legislator of the Year. Now, the Actors Guild of Nigeria named him as one of their patrons.”


Some actors say that’s not acceptable. They said that a man who has been seen by the public to abuse a woman should not be honored. He should be shunned.


The host of Listed Lagosians on 99.3 Nigeria Info, Ireti Bakare-Yusuf adds her voice on the show, saying that “it just goes to show how shallow we are in this country.”


On the show, audio clip of Hilda Dokubo is played in which she denounces the act of making the senator a patron of a guild she belongs to. Kate Henshaw too put up a tweet to show how disturbed she is that Emeka Rolas, the President of the guild could allow such a thing. On the tweet, she adds “we have women on the guild and we don’t want to be slapped.”


Ireti lauds the confidence of these two women for being vociferous about the issue.


From the calls Sandra receives on the show, most think it is unreasonable for the guild to pick Senator Abo as one of their patrons. However, others, much fewer voices say that the senator should be pardoned for his error and be allowed to be the patron.


Ireti also remarks: What the AGN has done by inducting this violence-against-woman perpetrator in an organization that practically encompasses all of Nollywood is an aberration to all of Nigerian women, not just the female actors in the country.


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