Tarkwa Bay Eviction: Matters Arising

In Morning Crossfire 2020-01-24 08:57:36
Tarkwa Bay Eviction: Matters Arising
Tarkwa Bay Eviction: Matters Arising

By Jude Chukwuemeka


What really happened to the residents of Tarkwa Bay island? It occurs that other islands in Lagos have also been affected and residents in those places have been evicted.



Ijeoma Esek speaks with Wemimo Adewuni and Sheriff Quadry about the report she sent in to 99.3 Nigeria Info FM, Lagos. Operation Kuronbe (Yoruba: Leave that place) has been carried by Nigeria Armed Forces out on the Tarkwa Bay area. There are two conflicting sides to the story.


Are the people living in Tarkwa Bay foreigners? One side said that most of people living there are foreigners but the Chief of the place, Hakeem Jimoh said the people of Tarkwa Bay are Nigerians, not foreigners.


The Tarkwa Bay eviction saga takes a new turn as Gbenga Omotosho - Commissioner of Information, Lagos State adds his voice to explain what he knows about the issue. He first denied that Lagos State government had a hand in sacking Tarkwa Bay. But worse than that, the crime committed in Tarkwa Bay and in many other islands around Lagos is affecting national revenue coming from oil & gas.


“The navy did that. But there’s also no comparing Tarkwa Bay to Abule Egba. This is out of place in the sense that Abule Egba is fully residential area, yet, what is going on there is different from what was going on at Tarkwa Bay. In Tarkwa Bay there are pits of fuel dug inside bedrooms. In Abule Egba, the vandals come from outside the community to operate. The people of the community would not even be allowed to come there,” Omotosho says.


Omotosho also raised a valid point: No resident in Tarkwa Bay has laid a complaint with local government, state house, or any local authority to report what crimes are being committted in that area. How come some Nigerians are feeling sad for the residents now?


What will be done to help those dislodged from their places of residence? Are the Tarkwa Bay criminals being protected? How complex is the issue of the Tarkwa Bay sack? How should you feel about what's happening at Tarkwa Bay?


One clear point is that many innocent civilians are affected in this eviction. What can be done to help these people? 


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