Sudan in Chaos As Protesters Demand Civilian Rule

In Politics 2019-06-03 07:56:54
Sudan in Chaos As Protesters Demand Civilian Rule
Sudan in Chaos As Protesters Demand Civilian Rule

Tensions are mounting between the TMC and an alliance of protest and opposition groups who want a quick handover of power to civilians in Sudan. Political analysts and Western diplomats say Council Deputy, Mohamed Hamdan Dagalo advance could also be opposed by some officers, who believe he did not deserve his rapid rise through the military.


Embattled Sudanese President Omar al-Bashir has stepped down and consultations are under way to form a transitional council to run the country. But for the people of Sudan, it seems the military is not really interested in giving power to the civilians. Now they are in for intense protests.


"One hundred percent military (rule)," shouted the crowds, the majority young men, as they gathered in central Khartoum.


Some of the demonstrators carried placards with pictures of the military council's chief, General Abdel Fattah al-Burhan, and his deputy Mohamed Hamdan Dagalo.


On different ocassions, heavy gunfire was heard in Sudan's capital, Khartoum, as security forces forcefully moved in to clear a protest camp that has been the central point in the demonstrators' months-long struggle for civilian rule.


The Central Committee of Sudanese Doctors, a medical group linked to protesters, said at least five people were killed and several wounded in the Monday morning raid, which was still in progress.


Aljazeera TV showed clips of security men beating frenetic men and boys on the streets. In a post on Twitter, the Sudanese Professionals Association (SPA) said the country's ruling Transitional Military Council (TMC) had assigned a large number of troops to disperse the protest camp.


The office of Aljazeera has been closed down in the country so as to curtail media reach. Some of the military men have resorted to the use of tear gas and sound grenade to disperse protesters. Soldiers then fired live rounds at the remaining protesters. 


They are now in control of most of the sit-in area and have burnt down the make-shift clinics. Most of the protesters have been dispersed. Soldiers are blocking all entrances to the area with military vehicles to stop protesters from returning.


Many people have been injured as Sudan is thrown into political unrest.