Stay Away from Powerlines- EKEDC Warns Lagosians

In News 2020-02-24 13:32:10
Stay Away from Powerlines- EKEDC Warns Lagosians
Stay Away from Powerlines- EKEDC Warns Lagosians

Eko Electricity Distribution Company (EKEDC) have warned Lagosians to stay away from power facilities.


Head of Corporate Communication at EKEDC, Godwin Idemudia says it is dangerous for people to transact business activities near or under power facilities.


Speaking in a chat with correspondent, Ijeoma Esek, Idemudia said the mandatory safety rule is that right of way of a distance of 5.5 metres, 12.5 metres and 25 metres on each side of the 11/33kv, 132kv and 330kv lines respectively should be strictly adhered to.


Idemudia appealed that it pays to stay alive while advising residents to avoid untimely death through instant electrocution or sustaining life-long injury associated with wire snap. 


He also appealed to members of the public to steer clear of all electricity facilities and installations as safety is of topmost concern.


“With all the warnings we have given, some of them are still trading under high tension lines and this is so dangerous. We have told them several times to move out of the lines because of the inherent danger involved, because once the lines snap it can kill thousands of people so that is why we are concerned and we have been saying this time and time again’’ he says.