Stakeholders React to Continous Closure Of Seme Border

In News 2019-09-17 15:30:10
Stakeholders React  to Continous Closure Of Seme Border
Stakeholders React to Continous Closure Of Seme Border

Following the reported closure of Seme Border by the Federal Government of Nigeria, stakeholders have reacted to the problem and have advised the government on possible solutions.


National President, National Council of Managing Directors of Customs Licensed Agents, Lucky Amiwero says the government needs to sign a Memoranda of Understanding with neighboring countries to tackle smuggling rather than close the border.


In his words, “While the government is trying to protect their corridor that is not the best way of protecting the corridor, they should stop it from the source


"Stopping it from the source is to go through Mutual assistance which every other country is involved in"


"We must understand that if we don’t protect our environment, most of those things will be coming in.”


He further said Nigeria as a signatory to the convention of cross-border crime could bring the West African sub-regional agreement into view and called on the government should to open these borders for the free flow of commercial activities, while long-lasting solutions are being sought.


On his part, Chairman of the Association of Nigeria Licensed Customs Agents, Seme Chapter, Mr. Lasis Fanu said the stakeholders were not informed about the closure of the land border before the action was effected.


Lasisi said more than 600 trucks were stuck at the border and are prevented from leaving the border leading to the loss of millions of naira daily.


He appealed to the Federal Government to allow genuine importers to continue with their business while efforts are put in place to secure the border.