Severe Flood Coming – NEMA

In News 2019-08-13 14:15:13
Severe Flood Coming – NEMA
Severe Flood Coming – NEMA

By Dipo Omoware


The National Emergency Management Agency (NEMA) has asked Nigerians to brace for heavy rainfall and severe flooding.


Spokesman for the agency, Mr Ibrahim Farinloye, made the call on Tuesday on Nigeria Info’s Morning Crossfire, adding that “over 74 local government areas in 30 states would experience severe flooding in June, August and September.”


Mr Farinloye further called on the federal government to help NEMA put measures in place, stating that floods can be quite catastrophic.


“Flooding is the worst disaster you can ever see because nothing can stand in its way; all other disasters you can be sure that you can salvage something but if it is a flood, only God can save.”


Also on the show was an official of the World Safety Organisation, Agharese Ojelede, who said “over 80% of Nigerians have been affected by floods disaster.”


She called for reforms in the waste management sector, adding that nearly a quarter of a million households in Nigeria are always at risk of flood after heavy rainfalls due to poor waste management practices.


“The waste that we’re generating, are we ensuring that they are not on the flood plains? Are we ensuring that they are out of the drains? So that when those heavy rainfalls come, it flows through the drains.”


“We have a lot to do in terms of creating awareness,” she continued, “we can put it on social media, talk on the radio, go to the communities and talk to them about climate change and actually draw it down to what we are seeing.”


Additional report by Joy Ukaulor