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President Muhammadu Buhari is expected to swear in his ministers today and at the same time offer them portfolios. This is the main topic for today on Morning Crossfire show on 99.3 Nigeria Info FM.


Remember that yesterday, attention was drawn on Lagos State where new commissioners and advisers were sworn in. Nigeria Info gave it live coverage and it is expected to the same for the swearing in of Ministers at the federal level today. Hopefully, by the end of the day, there should be a full cabinet set up as the move is gets under this morning.


However, one of the phone callers to the show said that the list is filled with many names and that’s redundancy for Lagos state. But for Gholahan Olojede, there is no issue with the numbers. “For me, it’s not about the numbers. More or less, it is about the fact that some of the people in there may just be political donations or compensation which is also not out of place. But for those who would be holding critical roles, there are some very critical roles for Lagos State, considering the position that all eyes will be upon to deliver on environment, finance, transportation, or the critical infrastructure that makes Lagos what it is.”


Speaking on one of the roles, the finance role, he says it was given to an auditor and looking at it very well, this role is far away from auditing. “It’s a back-end sort of thing. But at the same time, let’s look at it from the aspect of federal leadership. If the guy just wants to provide leadership, whatever skill he doesn’t have, he could give opportunity for the public to provide such skills,” Olojede says.


What are Nigerians looking forward to achieve from these new portfolios in the next four years? Rotimi Sankore answers by saying that may be difficult because Lagos is big when it comes to the economy and so it is not the easiest state to run in Nigeria. “I don’t know some of them and so I don’t know how well they are qualified. When I say I don’t know some of them I don’t mean that I’ve not read their profiles. But I don’t know how well they work and I always hesitate to make definitive judgments on people that I don’t know what their actual capacity is. I have not seen them as having previous experience that shows they are capable for the portfolio, so I can’t give judgment as to how capable they are, since I don’t know what they are capable of doing. Even the committee that picked them had no idea what they were to be appointed for. It’s a big fault in the process.


“How can you go for a job interview and yet don’t know the job you are applying for? What happens when the people interviewing you don’t also know what job you are applying for? You may end up with a very awkward situation. I wish the best of luck but I don’t know any of them in any working capacity,” Rotimi says.


He says that for the ones he knows, some of them seem okay while some don’t. the bigger problem that he sees is potential conflict. In some offices, there is special adviser, and commissioner. Why do we have to people to handle one office? Who will the leader? Between the adviser and the commissioner, who does the planning? Who does the implementation? “If the adviser knows less than the commissioner, that’s a problem. If the commissioner knows less than the commissioner, that’s also a problem.


Gbolahan says as long as the duties are clearly defined, there shouldn’t be any problem. However these ministries are large and need more people to carry out duties on different levels. He however still maintains that some of these appointments are just compensations.


There are three appointees that were rejected yesterday and their names omitted. There were no official reasons put forward for rejecting them but the House also said that they can be re-nominated by Sanwo-Olu if he desires.


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Resource Persons:

Gbolahan Olojede - Chartered Accountant and Economic/Public Affair Analyst

Rotimi Sankore - Journalist, Policy and Development Expert


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Written by Jude Chukwuemeka