Serial Killer Targeting Port Harcourt Women

In Morning Crossfire 2019-09-19 09:17:39
Serial Killer Targeting Port Harcourt Women
Serial Killer Targeting Port Harcourt Women

Morning Crossfire focuses on the killings of ladies in hotels in Rivers State. This has been going on for about one month. The situation is getting worse as women in that state have taken up protests until the situation is put to an end.

According to Emanuel Onwuka, who works with Nigeria Info FM and has been visiting the hotels where the ladies died, says most of the targets are prostitutes and this is what the police wants people to know.
"I call these places were the killings happen motels with bars behind. Normally, these call-girls use these places for short-time. These places don't have CCTV camera. Also, the security measures are not that strong. These places are also hard to detect although they could be close to major city areas. These places have no signpost, nothing to indicate that they are motels. One thing clear about them is they also have so many shops around them."
Since Rivers State hotel association can't be registered because they don't have the criteria, how can CCTV be installed?
Emmanuel says that he wouldn't say it is serial killing. The problem is no body parts of the girls have been taken. Emmanuel says the investigation he is into is still ongoing. But he doesn't believe that the killings are tied to cultism.
These women were found strangled and gagged with handkerchiefs which suggests this could be attributed to serial killings. 
To this effect, there has been calls for girls to shun prostitution and look for better ways of earning. Also on Morning Crossfire, Wemimo Adewuni and Sheriff Quadri played an audio file that had an investigator who interviewed a suspect who tried to kill a girl in the night and was caught.
As regards this audio file, the man narrated what the girl that would have been strangled said happened to her. She said she slept inside the hotel room with the man and during the night the man woke up and tried to strangle her with a towel. A struggle ensued and she started shouting loudly. Other people around heard the noise and came to her aid.
The police spokesman assured residents that they are working on and will get all those involved arrested. He believes these are cultists at work.
Also, the Secretary to the Rivers State Governor, Tami Danagogo issued a statement, trying to pacify the protesters. While stressing that the situation is a serious one, he assures that the government of Rivers State is aware of what is going on and will do the beach they can to curtail the acts of the wicked men.
Mrs Rita Marley says the police in that state didn't act as quickly as they should have. Secondly, Rita says even if the women were sex workers doesn't mean they should be killed. "That those girls were prostitutes, I take exception to it. I don't say the police aren't working. Do we have to all die? I have a sister who is a corper at Crossriver State. What if something happens to her? Do we have to all die before the police wakes up? They should do more!"
The police says that the number of people who have been killed amounts to eight. There are other opinions that girls killed were up 12 or 20.
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'Serial Killer Targeting Port Harcourt Women'
Emmanuel Onwuka- @NigeriaInfoPH correspondent
Rtn. Rita-Marley Nkembeze Idonor (President Rotary Club of Port Harcourt South District 9141 Nigeria)
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By Jude Chukwuemeka