Save Us from Pollution - Anambra Residents Cry Out

In News 2019-10-07 18:32:36
Save Us from Pollution - Anambra Residents Cry Out
Save Us from Pollution - Anambra Residents Cry Out

By Dipo Omoware


Residents of Omagba community in Anambra State have urged the state government to checkmate the activities of some property owners who channel sewage into the drainage system in the Omagba Layout Phase One in Onitsha.


Nigeria Info FM’s Kenechukwu Ofomah uncovered a serious case of environmental and health hazards resulting from a situation at Oloh street in the layout where three landlords owning five two-storey buildings, pump waste from the septic tanks into a gutter at night.


This practice affects the air quality in the area and further goes to pollute the Nkisi River passing through the community.


Concerned residents from the community who spoke to Ofomah bemoaned the ugly development and appealed to the government to direct the immediate demolition of the underground pipe through which the sewage is pumped.


“It is a sin against humanity that government will allow such a house to be. The government should seal off the house or the government should supervise the destruction and the rebuilding of the sewage that this mess will stop,” said Rev Fr Edwin Udoye one of those who spoke to Ofomah.


Another resident, Rev Sister Ann Obiorah noted that it affected the school in  the community “this has extended to our school, when this starts, the whole environment in the school is so polluted that you cannot even breathe in clean air and as a result, the children are sick most of the time and even the teachers.”


Reacting to the development, the Managing Director, Anambra State Drainage Clearing and Forest Preservation Agency, Chido Obidiegwu assured that the government will immediately intervene in the matter.


“This is not only irresponsible but at the same time reprehensible. The Executive Governor of Anambra state is working hard to ensure that we will have a very healthy environment in Anambra state and he cannot be doing this and individuals that are supposed to be benefiting from it are creating more problems.”


“This is obviously going to constitute health hazards within the environment. I’ve gotten the reports and tomorrow, I will be at that spot with my team and assess the entire situation and I can assure you that the government will do what is expected of government on matters like this.”


Additional report by Kenechukwu Ofomah