Sanusi Is Under Arrest - Constitutional Lawyer

In News 2020-03-11 11:38:38
Sanusi Is Under Arrest  -  Constitutional Lawyer
Sanusi Is Under Arrest - Constitutional Lawyer

By Olamide Fadoju


Dethroned Emir of kano, Sanusi Lamido II is not under banishment but under arrest, a constitutional lawyer says.


Barrister Liborous Oshoma while speaking to Wemimo Adewuni on the Morning Crossfire on Nigeria Info 99.3 says the former Emir’s constitutional rights are being violated.


Emir Sanusi was on March 9 dethroned and evicted from the palace by the Kano State Government. The former CBN governor was reportedly taken to Nasarawa where he is expected to remain in exile.


However, Oshoma believes that what happened to Sanusi II was not banishment but a violation of his constitutional rights.


“There is no way that action can be taken without the concurrent of certain quarters. So for me, if you like call it 'banishment', what I see is an arrest. A form of house arrest.”


“The moment you take man forcefully against his wish and you take him to a place without his consent, then he is under some form of arrest.


“If you remember his team of lawyers said he chose to go with his family to Lagos, a place he has resided for the most part of his years but they refused and said his family can go but he will have to follow them. That’s is an arrest.


He added that by that act, the Kano State governor had exceeded the powers given to him by the constitution.


"So his rights have been completely violated and he has every right to contest and claim damages for that.


"Yes, they have the power to dethrone him but every other thereafter contravenes the power of the governor as provided by the constitution."