Review of Governor Sanwo-Olu 100 Days in Office

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Review of Governor Sanwo-Olu 100 Days in Office
Review of Governor Sanwo-Olu 100 Days in Office

The idea of celebrating the first one hundred days has been a common practice and the aims of Sanwo-Olu’s term in office has been called THEMES. It is a term which everyone is getting familiar with these days. 29 state governors were sworn into office this year and it is traditional for them to appraise themselves and take a look at their triumph and failures as leaders.


On Morning Crossfire today, Wemimo Adewuni and Sheriff Quadri takes a look at the accomplishment of the sixth elected governor of Lagos state Babajide Olusola Sanwo-Olu. On the 20th August, we did a review of his 84 days in office with a profile assessment of his proposed cabinet members while paying attention to his election promises during a political campaign in December 2018 with a focus on the 5-point economic blueprint for the city of Lagos.


Lagosians have misgivings about the effectiveness of the present administration of the state and what it could achieve. There were concerns about Sanwo-Olu’s experience and the turbulence he faced while trying to emerge as the gubernatorial candidate of his party. Previously, former Governor Ambode has reported that Sanwo-Olu was neither fit nor qualified to be the governor of Lagos state. At that time, Ambode wanted to enter for second term in office. There were about 7 candidates of APC vying for the seat but the lot fell on Sanwo-Olu.


Commenting about the issue Gbenga Omotosho explains what Sanwo-Olu’s milestones could have been. According to him, “the first 100 days have been remarkable. Like the governor said, so many projects have been commissioned. The support of Lagosians have been tremendous. Wherever the governor went he was met by Lagosians who appreciated what he has done. The Mother & Child Hospital was commissioned in Eti-Osa LGA, the housing estate in Igando, Jakande gardens was commissioned, there is a new re-orientation about waste management in the state.


The problem is that hardly anything tangible could be done by the first 100 days, Wemimo puts in, so why maintain the culture of governors celebrating the first 100 days in office? For Lagos, the commissioners were just inaugurated weeks ago.


Omotosho says he sees nothing wrong with it because “any governor coming int office would have planned his program so in 100 days he or she would have been able to do things that people can see that he is going to fulfill the campaign promises. In Lagos, our own is 100 days and beyond. That is a way of telling people we won’t forget all the promises we have made.”


Maureen Ogolor refers to the statement of the governor that he will make Lagos a greater Lagos and says he’s just starting and we’ll need to give him more time to achieve that. “I remember that when he just came in we had a big challenge of having to deal dirt on roads. Sanwo-Olu gave the order to LAWMA officers and within days that was cleared off. We are all enjoying it today. Lagos is cleaner though we still have a little challenge on that.  I believe the office of the governor is still doing much about that. Regarding traffic, I think the traffic gridlock situation is a bit better than what we had in previous months. Though the roads constructed by Ambode are still there, many of them are falling into bad states now because the local contractors who made these substandard roads did bad jobs. One thing Sanwo-Olu really has to concentrate on now are the inner roads, many of which are very bad now.


Gbenga adds regarding traffic situation that it has not been bad. “If we look at the Apapa axis long lines of trailers from Apapa as long as to Surulere, to the stadium, up to Fadeyi area but those things are no longer there now. Not that there are no challenges. The challenges are there but they are being tackled everyday and more creative ways are been used to deal with the traffic.


Where do you think the current administration needs further improvements for the next 4 years? Would you say Sanwo-Olu, so far, has proven to Lagosians that they have made a wise choice?


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Gbenga Omotosho  Gbenga Omotosho  - Commissioner for Information and Strategy LAGS


Maureen Ogolor - Our Correspondent at the LAGS House


Rotimi Sankore - Journalist, Policy and Development Expert


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Written by Jude Chukwuemeka