Return of Toll on Federal Highways

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Return of Toll on Federal Highways
Return of Toll on Federal Highways

Return of Toll on Federal Highways Morning Crossfire beams light on Federal Highways and the motion set by the Federal Government to return to toll gate earnings as in the past before Former President Olusegun Obasanjo declared all federal toll gates closed.


This morning, the duo of Wemimo and Sheriff take a deep look at the issue and engage Nigerians generally on it.


Sheriff notes that the 2017 budget has already set aside 10 billion naira for the construction and rehabilitation of over sixty-five roads in Nigeria. This move, according to the federal government, will enhance the transportation system in the country. In the 2018 budget has 300 billion naira earmarked rehabilitation and construction of strategic federal roads. But for East-West roads,17.32 billion naira was provided. But as he says, most of these roads are in deplorable conditions.


What this means is that government really needs much money to make build and maintain Nigerian roads. However, will tolling make our roads better and safer? Is that our biggest problem when it comes to transportation?


The show hosts had an audio playback of what Minister of Works & Housing, Babatunde Fashola said in a meeting about the idea of collecting toll rates on a federal level in Nigeria. According to him, “there’s no reason why we cannot toll. There was a policy of government to abolish tolls or as it were, dismantle toll plazas. There’s no law that prohibits tolling anywhere in Nigeria. We expect to return tolling plazas, we have concluded their designs, and what we are looking out for now is how the backend runs. We want to make sure that the electronic devices being used do not impede rapid movements.”


Editor, Independent Monitor, Olalekan Ige, shares his thoughts about the issue of tolling in Port Harcourt. He said that “tolling is good and it is not a problem in Nigeria. But the real problem is where is the money? Will it be used properly for the purpose for which it is designed?”


Wemimo adds that the former president Olusegun Obasanjo decried tolling because he felt the inconvenience to the masses was more than the 63 million naira generated everyday from the too gates. Do we see a reduction in the inconvenience?


Olalekan doesn’t really believe that collecting tolls will increase the cost of food and services. But he says there's no guarantee that government will see to it that Nigerians get the services they pay for.


News Head, 99.3 Nigeria Info FM Lagos, Bimbo Awoyele was at the Lagos-Ogun State toll gate and he says that the place is still fit to have a toll gate but it will be better if the toll gate is moved towards Berger. The challenge is that people who live in Mowe and Ibafo but work in Lagos should consider public transportation to avoid the daily tolls.


For Bimbo, he says the Nigerian government has to put palliatives in place before imposing any hardships on them. “This can be made possible if the road transportation is better and the trains, buses, boats, and others are put in place”.

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Regarding re-installing toll gates in Nigeria, here are two comments from reactions posted on Facebook:


• Nma Olebara · 3:40 Dr Mrs Nma Olebara watching live from Owerri. On toll gate. We are simply practising democracy without the people. We have lost faith in democracy because the expected dividends are a mirage. What we are practising here is an illusive democracy. Any action or performance that does not put the people on the priority list as number one is a failure. Toll gates on bad roads, increase in transportation will be assured. Who bears the brunt? Has this govt come to bring more sufferings or to alleviate?


• Chike Steven · 0:06 The government should look outward to make their revenue not by impoverishing its citizens... What about those military guys who extort money from motorist nko? If the drivers pay for toll and pay those military guys on the check points? Ask drivers how they pay



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