Rescue Operations Ongoing in Abuja Flood - NEMA

In News 2019-08-02 18:34:27
Rescue Operations Ongoing in Abuja Flood - NEMA
Rescue Operations Ongoing in Abuja Flood - NEMA

The Federal Capital Territory Emergency Management Agency says rescue operations are ongoing at the scene of today’s flood in Galadimawa area of the city.


The Agency’s Director General Abbas Idriss who spoke to Nigeria Info FM Correspondent Solomon Ndahi, said the number of casualty and damage could not be truly ascertained until all operations were fully completed.


Abass said, “I told you that our rescue team are still searching for the other person and as soon as it is completed, I’m going to give you an update.”


Idriss also urged residents to remain calm saying the agency will ensure full disclosure once the operations were concluded.


Heavy rainfall had caused severe flooding in the area on Thursday, which is said to be prone to the element.


An eyewitness Benson Ubong who spoke to our correspondent said a Sports Utility Vehicle that tried to wade through the flood waters, was submerged.


Benson explained that there were two passengers in the car as the driver tried to manoever its way through the flood.


“While we were standing here to watch the flood then a Black Land Cruiser Jeep now drove inside with a white man inside and his driver,” he told Nigeria Info FM.


He added, “They were on their way to the airport. So when the driver was driving into the flood, the driver stopped. The white man inside was telling him to drive because he was hurrying up to catch up with his flight at the airport.”


“So while the driver was driving gradually into the water, flood covered the tyres and within ten minutes, it covered almost half of the vehicle and the engine stopped”, Benson concluded.