Reports Claim Iran enriches her Uranium Production

In Politics 2019-05-21 13:02:19
Reports Claim Iran enriches her Uranium Production
Reports Claim Iran enriches her Uranium Production

Despite increased tensions with the United States, Iran has quadrupled its production of uranium the country's officials have said.


They said that the uranium would only be enriched to the 3.67 per cent limit, which is set by the 2015 nuclear deal, making it suitable for civilian nuclear power generation. That amount is still below the 90 per cent purity required to make atomic bombs.


“This is part of Iran’s pushback strategy against the Trump administration’s maximum pressure campaign,” Sanam Vakil, a Chatham House expert on Iran, told The Independent. “This is their effort at building up various portfolios that can then be used as leverage or bargaining positions if and when they come back to the negotiating table.”


Iran set a deadline of 7 July for Europe to set a new terms for the deal after U.S president cut U.S ties with the deal. Now, Iran has warned it will enrich uranium production closer to weapons-grade levels if no deal is reached.


Meanwhile, United States through one of her representatives, Former US director of national intelligence James Clapper, speaking to the BBC, played down the uranium announcement. He said it is not time for the country to enter panic mode yet. 


Iran may soon exceed the stockpile limit of 300kg and regarding this, Ms Vakil said that Iran would probably breach the deal’s stockpile limit in 60 days, “sending a message” to Europe – and Russia and China – that its compliance “can’t be taken for granted anymore”.