Regular Screening Key to Managing Eye Ailments- Optometrist

In News 2019-10-10 17:39:44
Regular Screening Key to Managing Eye Ailments- Optometrist
Regular Screening Key to Managing Eye Ailments- Optometrist

The Guild of Optometric Directors of Nigeria has called on Nigerians to ensure they go for eye screening regularly as early detection is key in managing eye ailments.


President of the Guild Dr. Adesuwa Agbontaen stated this in an interview with correspondent Solomon Ndahi to commemorate this year’s “World Sight Day”.


Agbontaen who listed Cataract and Glaucoma as the major eye ailments that affect Nigerians said with proper medical attention both situations could be managed.


He said: “Glaucoma is a problem that you need to detect early, there are no symptoms, and people do not know they have Glaucoma until it has run its course. It’s a blinding disease and it is something that if detected early can be managed. For cataracts, it’s a disease that you can reverse the blindness.”


The medical chief also called on the government to ensure all citizens had access to Universal Health Coverage so as to encourage people to regularly check their eyes and seek treatment.


“We would want a situation where we can have universal coverage in Nigerian Health Insurance Scheme and we are talking with the Nigeria Health Insurance and also with the National Assembly so that we can have a full coverage for all Nigerians so we don’t have a situation where people are unable to meet the financial needs for their eyes.”


World Sight Day is celebrated every second Thursday of October and is aimed at creating awareness on issues concerning the eyes.