Regina Askia is Back

In Entertainment 2019-12-03 16:43:00
Regina Askia is Back
Regina Askia is Back

By Dipo Omoware


Former beauty queen and Nollywood veteran Regina Askia Williams is back in Lagos after 18 years and has praised Nollywood filmmakers and practitioners for not shying away from true African stories.


The one-time Nollywood sweetheart was on Nigeria info’s Lunch Time Magazine and told show host Collins Teke “it is important that Africa tells its story, the story of its authentic self.”


The former actress now turned Family Nurse Practitioner was in Lagos to talk about her Soup-A-Star cooking competition but we couldn’t resist getting her opinion about the film industry in Nigeria.



“There are some movies we watch out there and we are kind of embarrassed to see, but when you consider the things that these guys have to work with and the masterpieces they turn out, they have you have to applaud them.


She remarked that the quality of Nollywood films is important and “reflects more than the personal image of filmmakers.”


“The image of Nigeria and the image of Africa that is at stake here.” said the former Most Beautiful Girl in Nigeria.


The 52-year-old who has not graced the silver screen in over 5 years said this is her first time in Lagos after 18 years and she couldn’t hide her excitement.


“It is such a pleasure to be home, I can’t imagine I’m in Lagos. This used to be my city, this used to be my base, oh my goodness it feels good to be back home.”


“I have not appeared in a movie in as far back as 4 – 5 years, the last movie I did was Coming to America with Ramsey Nouah.”


“I don’t have as much time” she said, “I am so invested in my patients and when you are in a position of responsibility of people’s wellbeing and life, you really don’t have time but then you are able to take some time off, maybe two -three weeks off and in that time I hustle up something.”


“I applaud all the Nollywood practitioners who take out time to tell beautiful stories of Africa and its people, we should do more of those.”


Talking about her Soup-A-Star competition, she said the competition was borne out of her years working as a healthcare professional and research that shows some sickness can be avoided or controlled with healthy diets.


The Soup-A-Star will have celebrities and chefs battle each other, displaying culinary prowess to win the star prize. They will showcase African recipes in a bid to promote healthy nutrition and diet choices.