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Reactions have been trailing the stunning rape allegation leveled against popular Abuja based pastor Biodun Fatoyinbo of the Common Wealth of Zion Assembly (COZA) by Busola Dakolo, wife of popular musician Timi Dakolo.


On Friday, Busola recounted in graphic details how she was allegedly raped her twice, the first when she was a teenager in an interview with YTV.


Actor, Vlogger and church member of COZA Akah Nnani insists the church pastor must say something about the allegation. Writing on his instagram page, the Vlogger said: “My pastor @biodunfatoyinbo has to say something this time. If the rest of the church does not need it, I need it. Speak on this.”

He added: “I stand with @busoladakolo as she has spoken her truth. I stand with the body of Christ also. I ask that my pastor come out and speak his own truth.”

“I am praying for the church. Please let us pray for both the Dakolo and the Fatoyinbo families (wife and kids). In the end, if we need to, let us scatter the place... Then the truth will stand up.”


Wemimo Adewuni, co-host of 99.3 Nigeria Info’s Morning Crossfire called on Nigerians not to worship religious leaders but God. She also praised the bravery of the wife of the musician.


Here’s what she tweeted.  “#MeToo is officially here. Busola Dakolo is very brave, sharing her truth. How many tines do we have to say this?! Rape is a crime! Don't worship your religious leaders. Worship God I know it's not easy but please go to the hospital and preserve evidence if you're raped!”


But a lot of online users have also questioned the motive of Mrs Dakolo. According to many, her revelation that she did not struggle with her alleged rapist did not add up. But Sandra Ezekwesili, Co-host Hard Facts on 99.3 Nigeria Info FM Lagos disagreed with this notion.


She tweeted:


 “To the people who often say "protect yourself" "how to avoid rape?"How could Busola Dakolo have avoided or protected herself from being allegedly raped by the pastor who was like a father to her? Do you not see that a rapist only rapes because a rapist wants to and can?”




Veteran broadcaster and journalist, Funmi Iyanda also reacted to the interview saying via her twitter handle @funmilola


“I believe Busola Dakolo. Every word she uttered is true. The many layers of power, politics, manipulations and crime woven through her brave revelations. I expect that Pastor Biodun will go to jail or whatever the equivalent of that is in Nigeria now.”


Popular Twitter user Japheth Omojuwa @Omojuwa also shared his thoughts on the developing story


“This season of the Revelation has a rape story in it. Only an irrational person would be shocked by that. Busola Dakolo is brave. I hope her bravery helps other abused women step out. This thing is deeper than whatever is currently out there”


Some commentators have however called for the police and law enforcement agencies to be involved.  Tolu Ogunlesi, Head of Digital Communications to the President, @toluogunlesi is one of those who shared this opinion.


He Tweeted: “this COZA matter needs to involve law enforcement o. This is no longer a matter for the ‘Church’ alone to deal with - not even sure said ‘Church’ has any appetite or willingness to deal with the issue. This matter calls for immediate Police/DSVRT investigation.”


Timi Dakolo’s wife had in the interview detailed how Pastor Biodun raped her twice within a week after having gained her trust and related with her as a father figure when she was a member of his church in Ilorin. Here is a quick summary of the over 100 minute interviews


  • She met him as a teenager when she went with her sister to his Divine Delight Club meeting
  • He was impressed by her confidence at the meeting
  • Her family were active members of COZA in Ilorin where the church started
  • He alleged raped her for the first time in the living room in her house on a morning when most of her family were away
  • He gave her an open bottle of soft drink after this act and forced her to drink it
  • He alleged raped her a second time while dropping her home on her way from a visit from to his house after his wife had asked that she come over for a visit.