Rape Victims To Blame for Delay In Justice- CJN

In News 2019-12-02 14:39:34
Rape Victims To Blame for Delay  In Justice- CJN
Rape Victims To Blame for Delay In Justice- CJN

 By Akimbola Abayomi


The Supreme Court of Nigeria says rape victims play a huge role in the delay of justice and the continuity of the menace in Nigeria.


The Chief Justice of Nigeria, Ibrahim Tanko while addressing a delegation from the Ministry of Women Affairs said rape victims' refusal to report rape cases or not willing to testify in court is the reason for the delay in justice.


Represented by the director of Litigation, Supreme Court of Nigeria, Ibrahim Gold, the CJN, however, called for sensitization among women.


 “Educate the victims to come forward for often times even when the court is carrying rape cases you see that the victims don't come forward and when they come forward. they may not tell you what happened. They need to tell exactly what happened to the court.”


“If they don't come forward nobody can say what really happened unless themselves.


Meanwhile, Minister of Women Affairs, Dame Pauline Tallen in her address said it is high time something is done about the rate of rape cases in Nigeria.


“We are here with powerful Nigerian women, women leaders from all works of life to present our demands and to call for justice over the high prevalence of rape that is on the increase on daily basis. It has reached an alarming rate that we can no longer keep quiet.