Private Companies Not Exempted From New Minimum Wage - TUC

In News 2020-01-09 13:01:54
Private Companies Not Exempted From New Minimum Wage - TUC
Private Companies Not Exempted From New Minimum Wage - TUC

By Olamide Fadoju



Nigerian workers in the private sector are also entitled to the new National Minimum wage structure.



National Deputy President, Trade Union Congress, Comrade Chika Onuegbu revealed this in an interview with Nigeria Info 99.3 FM during Morning Crossfire show.



According to Comrade Chika, the labour laws stipulate the requirements that necessitate the payment of the minimum wage by private companies.



“The minimum wage implementation affects the private sector. The minimum wage is the minimum wage payable to workers in the private and public sector. But the law of minimum wage in Nigeria puts a certain condition for organizations that should apply in the private sectors. That includes that the organization should have a minimum of 50 peoples," Chika said.



However, The TUC VP also pointed out that private companies often find a way around the law and this has led the TUC to be more precise in interpreting the requirement of that particular law.



“We think that condition is not in line with global best standards because we have seen unfair labour practices amongst employers. So how do you calculate the fifty? Is it the fifty that are on the payroll of the employer of the fifty that come to work in that organization?.



“So by our interpretation, it is the fifty that come to work in that organization. Because if you say the fifty that are on their payroll then you have given the employers of labour, the privilege and the opportunity to manipulate the process. Because employers can decide to outsource a lot of their workers and say on our payroll we have this number and all the people supplying us.”



On the current status of the National Minimum Wage Comrade Chika revealed that arrears of the new minimum wage have been paid across the Federal level and the TUC will be looking to receive reports from States on their implementation process so far.