Power Solutions – How Creeds Energy Develops Enterprises

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Power Solutions – How Creeds Energy Develops Enterprises
Power Solutions – How Creeds Energy Develops Enterprises

By Jude Chukwuemeka


Hannah Kabir is the Founder/CEO of Energy Creeds, a renewable energy company in Jigawa State. She meets with Dr. Wiebe on Power Solutions on 99.3 Nigeria Info FM to discuss her terrain through the power industry.


She studied Business Economics in the University of London. She came back to Nigeria for the NYSC service. At the time, she worked in the telecoms sector. The company she was with is one of the first CDMA in Nigeria, Inter Cellular.


She got to know how technology can become an enabler especially for businesses. After that she moved to Galaxy Backbone, which provides internet services for agents or government parastatals. Going through several departments in that company helped her to see how a business is operated. After that, she took a break and sought how to use ICT for development. That was when the opportunity of renewable energy enterprise came in. It was not her choice and she had no idea what the industry was all about.


“After speaking with my brother, I was convinced to try it for at least a year. I left for Newcastle University to study. To my surprise, I really enjoyed it. Once back in Nigeria, I knew this was what I wanted to do," Hannah tells Wiebe.


“I started providing services that will solve Nigeria’s power problems and that included electricity. The business started in 2012 as Creeds Energy. Solar became an attraction because in this part of the world, there is sunshine almost for all the year and the companies that develop these components are doing so for a cross-section of places in Europe, so why not Nigeria?”


She refers to the success that solar panels have in Newcastle, a very cold place as it were, so Hannah did not see how it won’t work in Nigeria, a sunny place. According to Hannah, Creeds means Creative Renewables Enterprise Developers and the team always wanted to develop enterprises.


Hannah applied to a UN/FG initiative and got 10 million dollars in funds to start the business. Of course, the company has always had a reason or more to raise money along the way as well.


Creeds Energy started from solar lanterns, but Hannah discerned that Nigerians need more than just a light bulb. The company does R&D with partners in Nigeria and outside the country, and right now, the brand is massive in Abuja, Plateau State, and is reaching to three other states in Nigeria.


Small businesses who make use of 1KVA range of generators find the services of Creeds very valuable. This is the ‘I pass my neighbor range of generating sets’. A down payment of 10 percent is needed initially, and customers may be paying every week. They get up to 30 percent reduction when compared to what they were paying for energy.


Despite the challenges, the company is getting a good feedback from clients and customers.



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