Police Didn’t Get CCTV 20 Days After – Brother of Slain Nigerian in SA Reveals

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Police Didn’t Get CCTV 20 Days After – Brother of Slain Nigerian in SA Reveals
Police Didn’t Get CCTV 20 Days After – Brother of Slain Nigerian in SA Reveals

  • We Need Private Detective
  • Difficult Burying My Will Executor


By Ufuoma Egbamuno


The last may not have been heard about the death of the Deputy Director of the Chartered Insurance Institute of Nigeria (CIIN), Elizabeth Ndubuisi-Chukwu as her family suspects there may be complicity by South African police handling the matter.


Family spokesperson and brother of the deceased, Dr Chiedu Ndubuisi has called for a private detective and says it took the South African police more than “20 days after” the incident to get “custody of the CCTV footage of the hotel.”


Speaking to 99.3 Nigeria Info’s IWitness Segment of Hardfacts, Ndubuisi said: “She died on the 13th. Up till about 20 days after that, the police still had not taken custody of the CCTV footage of that hotel. I understand they may have done so now but it took 20 days, there was a lap.”


“So we need experts to ascertain the equivalence of the CCTV and also to make sure that there is no other CCTV that could give us an idea.”


Dr Ndubuisi-Chukwu was attending the conference of the African Insurance Organisation (AIO) when she was found dead in at Emperor’s Palace Hotel and Convention Centre, South Africa on June 13.


It was first suspected she died of cardiac arrest. However, an autopsy report released on June 20 by the South African Department of Home Affairs indicated in a death certificate that the death was unnatural and suspected to be murder.


“Uju could not have strangled herself,” her brother told hosts Sandra Ezekwesili and Ezugwu Chukwudi. “I asked a doctor and he said that if you start strangling yourself, at a point you will be too weak that your hands will drop and you will be too weak to strangle yourself. So it is scientifically not possible to be able to strangle yourself.”


He added: “So what it tells me is that is either she opened the door for someone she knows or maybe there was somebody in the room before she got into the room or maybe somebody accessed the room through the balcony of the hotel; those are areas that the police should be looking seriously into.”


“Those are areas that the police should be looking seriously into and those are areas where if you have a private detective, would be able to assist the police because he would be working anonymously.”


Dr Ndubuisi also revealed it has been difficult for the family to deal with the loss and for him personally as his late sister was scheduled to be his Will Executor.


“What I have done is that I have immersed myself in the activities leading to her burial,” he said. “I think by doing that it is insulating me from the big emotions I should have right.”


“Uju is supposed to be the executor of my will. So you can imagine a situation where you are now burying your executor, it is a very difficult thing to handle.”


Nigeria’s Senate on Wednesday called on the South African government to investigate the circumstances leading to the death of Dr Ndubuisi-Chukwu and other Nigerians who have died in South Africa.