Okada/Keke Ban : We've Arrested Policemen Violating the Law- PPRO

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Okada/Keke Ban : We've Arrested Policemen Violating the Law- PPRO
Okada/Keke Ban : We've Arrested Policemen Violating the Law- PPRO

By Olamide Fadoju


The Lagos State Police Command says it has arrested some policemen who allegedly confiscated Okadas and extorted money from the owners for its release.


Police Public Relations Officer(PPRO), Lagos State, DSP Bala Elkana revealed this in a chat with Nigeria Info 99.3 FM.


According to DSP Bala, it is unfortunate that men of the force are sabotaging the efforts of the police in enforcing the current ban on Keke and tricycles in Lagos State and advised Lagosians to report such incidences.

“We are very much aware that there are people who will always be on the wrong side of history. A statement we made it clear that such impunity will not be tolerated. We even rolled out four numbers to Lagosians to complain.


“So if you have such issues, you can call any of those numbers to report. And we have been getting reports and we have been working on them. We have got a number of policemen involved in them arrested.”


The Lagos police spokesperson, however, denied claims that some of his men convert the confiscated Okadas for personal use. He says every impounded item is recorded for accountability purposes.


"These are just unfounded allegations. They have the right to follow up to see how they are being used. All these are well monitored. There are records on how bikes move in and out. Every bike that enters there is recorded.


"The laws are very clear. When you contravene such laws you will have your bikes confiscated and they will be thrashed."


Meanwhile, PPRO has debunked rumours of a planned raid in the city. In a statement, he described the news as “false and mischievous.”


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