Obedience To The Rule Of Law Must Be Total, Not Selective- Legal Practitioner

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Obedience To The Rule Of Law Must Be Total, Not Selective- Legal Practitioner
Obedience To The Rule Of Law Must Be Total, Not Selective- Legal Practitioner

By Samuel Victor Akpan


An Abuja based Lawyer Victor Giwa has said “obedience to the rule of law must be total and not selective.”


This is in reaction to the court’s decision to allow Sheik Ibrahim El-Zakzaky- the leader of the Islamic Movement in Nigeria (IMN), - and his wife, Zeenat, seek medical attention in India and their subsequent departure.


Speaking to Nigeria Info FM Abuja, correspondent Abayomi Akinbola said Giwa condemned the prolonged incarceration of the IMN leader as well as that of Colonel Sambo Dasuki, the Former National Security Adviser.


“When a court gives a judgment or gives an order and the executive who is supposed to execute such order refuses or neglects to do that, that’s abuse of rule of law”, Giwa noted.


He added, “Like we are still speaking right now, Col. Dasuki, former NSA, has been granted bail by various courts and he’s still under detention. So, respect of rule of law is total, it’s not your choice.”


Giwa, while also describing the act of waiving court orders as a “major challenge” in the country said the executive, through the federal government, has attempted to “pick and choose which order to obey.”


Mohammed Ibrahim Gaimawa, a member of the Resource Forum of the IMN, in his reaction, said the Federal Government was forced into obeying the last court order which ruled for El-Zakzakky’s release, due to pressure from the various protests by the group.


Gaimawa, who also noted the involvement of international organizations, said “consistent and persistent” pressure did the trick.


“Pressure from the daily protest and at the same time, if you are following events you know that more than 25 embassies or high commissions were occupied by people of good will. They are meant to respect humanity and allow Sheikh Ibrahim El-Zakzakky, along with his wife, to go for proper medication”, he stated.


Gaimawa, also made known his views on other pending cases, urging Nigerians to borrow a leaf from the group’s doggedness by resisting pressure from the government and fight for their rights.


He said, “Nigerians need to realize they have to fight for their rights. We fought for our rights, we sacrificed our time, businesses and some leaving their schools to come and demonstrate daily on the streets of Abuja.”


“Nigerians should not just sit down and fold their arms and keep on watching. They should come out en masse because what happened to Sheik Ibrahim El-Zakzakky and what is happening to Dasuki may happen to anybody’s father, may happen to any person“, added Gaimawa.  


Ibrahim El-Zakzakky had on Monday departed the country alongside his wife in the company of security personnel for treatment in India as ordered by a Kaduna State High Court on August 5.


He is expected back in the country after completing his treatment to continue with his trial.