NPF Set Fire to NEMA Headquarters - Shiites

In News 2019-07-23 14:24:47
NPF Set Fire to NEMA Headquarters - Shiites
NPF Set Fire to NEMA Headquarters - Shiites

By Dipo Omoware


The drama ensuing between the Federal Government and the Islamic Movement of Nigeria over their detained leader Ibrahim El-Zakzaky is not going away any time soon.


The IMN has accused the government of ordering the police to kill its members and also fingered the Nigerian Police Force over the fire incidence at the NEMA headquarters which occurred during the protest in Abuja yesterday.


The South-West Coordinator of the religious body, Ustad Muftau Zakariyah, made these allegations on Nigeria Info’s Morning Crossfire when he was responding to questions from show hosts, Wemimo Adewuni and Sheriff Quadri.


“The government has been consistent in telling lies and trying to claim that the Islamic movement is violent. Don’t forget that in Kano when we went on a peaceful demonstration during the Arba’een trek, the government asked policemen to kill us,” said Ustad Muftau Zakariyah.


The protest which the group carried out on Monday had resulted in the death of two people; NYSC Corp member & Channels TV Journalist Precious Owolabi, DCP Usman Umar, about 10 others, and the destruction of property.


The group claimed it knows nothing of these deaths and the fire outbreak at the NEMA headquarters which is close to the protest venue.


Ustad Zakariyah also said there was video evidence to support this claim:


“I am saying categorically that Nigerian Police set NEMA on fire, I am saying we have it on video, I am saying they should take us to court so that we will present our evidence to a court of law, that is what is done in a civilised society.”


He further added that the group did not have any guns or ammunition during the protest on Monday saying “if we had guns and we have fired at anybody and we have killed anybody, the onus of truth is on the government. The government should take us to court and prove it that we are terrorists, that we had guns and that we killed people.”