Noise Pollution: Shut Down Defaulting Churches, Mosques - MURIC

In News 2019-11-21 10:50:53
Noise Pollution: Shut Down Defaulting Churches, Mosques - MURIC
Noise Pollution: Shut Down Defaulting Churches, Mosques - MURIC

By Olamide Fadoju


Muslim Rights Concern (MURIC ) have called on the government to close down religious centres that disturb their environment with noises emanating from their centres.


MURIC Founder, Prof. Ishaq Akintola in an Interview with Sheriff Quadri and Wemimo Adewuni on the Morning Crossfire on Thursday talked down on religious centres that disturb their immediate community with noise from their centres.


“Religious centres should pursue peace and love. You do not love by disturbing people and constituting a nuisance. The same people you claim you want to preach to are the same people you are killing slowly. Noise making from religious centres is a slow poison."


“Its time we stop it. All of us must join together and of course, shut down church or mosques were such devilish practices.


Prof. Ishaq while appraising the Lagos state government for its efforts so far in tackling noise pollution in the state also advised religious centres and citizens to support their cause and enjoined other states to emulate Lagos in enforcing a noise pollution-free society


"There is no sentiments about this, we should all accept this dispassionately. Muslims should accept that ‘our mosque maintains decorum’. Churches should come together and agree that our church should do the right thing.


"If we all come together, Christian and Muslim leaders if they will come together to support this move by the government. Lagos State government will not need to go and shut down any church or mosque.


"Religious leaders imbibe all their membership. Let there be seminars here and there. Let the words go to the grassroots and all of us will be educated and we will support this Government more.


“I think we should commend the Lagos State government for taking the bull by the horn for being bold enough to speak up. Lagos has been closing churches and shutting mosques for making noise and even shops and hotels. Only Lagos state is doing it. Other states should emulate. Lagosians should now speak up. Now that the government is ready to do the needful. We the citizens should support the government and Lagos State Environmental protection Agency (LASEPA)”.