Nigeria Info Journalist Visits Forbidden City

In News 2019-12-06 09:09:16
Nigeria Info Journalist Visits Forbidden City
Nigeria Info Journalist Visits Forbidden City

Nigeria Info Correspondent Joy Kalio has had a very exciting experience in Beijing. This week she visited the 'Forbidden City' and witnessed the first snow in the Chinese new season.


Kalio  is part of a delegation of Nigerian journalists in China for a 3-week training for Senior Media Executives from Nigeria, organized by the Research and Training Institute of the National Radio and Television Administration of the People's Republic of China



According to the Nigerian Info correspondent, the 'Forbidden City' experience was an exciting and fulfilling moment for tourists and some citizens of Beijing, China as the first snow this winter season fell.

Some of the tourists and citizens did not waste time to take a couple of selfies, while some stomp through the snow and made footprints.

In the meantime, participants during the training visited the forbidden city and it was also partially covered in white as season first snowfall delights.



The forbidden city has reportedly been in existence for over 600 years and takes about 1,200 meters to work around the city. It is called the forbidden city because it was the former place of the king but has now become a Museum.