NHRC to Create Database for Missing Persons

In News 2019-10-01 17:40:04
NHRC to Create Database for Missing Persons
NHRC to Create Database for Missing Persons

The National Human Rights Commission says it has put in place modalities to establish a database for keeping records of missing persons in Nigeria. This she says is in collaboration with other civil society organizations.


Harry Obe, Director Legal, Women, Children and Vulnerable Groups Department of the Commission disclosed this in Abuja while responding to issues raised by stakeholders at the Save the Children conference on children affected by armed conflicts.


He bemoaned the absence of a structure for treating issues of missing persons in the country even as children are also affected during conflicts.


“Before now and still up till now, we still do not have a national mechanism for the handling of issues of missing persons in Nigeria.”


“That process is still ongoing and has a lot to do with children as well because we know that children can actually be missing in the course of the conflict and so many other things can actually happen and there will be need for us to actually know their whereabouts and things like that.”


Whilst noting that the database when functional will address issues of children missing in armed conflict zones and others, Obe also revealed that the commission has been able to rescue children from detention facilities, rehabilitated and reintegrated them into the society.


On her part, Abiola Sanusi, Chairperson on Save the School Decoration sub-committee for the National Education Emergency working group advocated for the review of the Armed Forces Act to protect schools and hospitals in armed conflict zones.


There are two ways, one is to have a policy that ensures that schools are protected during armed conflicts, and also we have actually submitted our memo that is to the National Assembly that is working on actually revising the Nigerian Armed Forces Act that is to give schools the same ethical consideration as hospitals”, said Abiola.