New to Nigeria? 7 Checklists to keep you out of trouble

In News 2019-02-20 10:57:33
New to Nigeria? 7 Checklists to keep you out of trouble
New to Nigeria? 7 Checklists to keep you out of trouble

Anyone who travels to a new country is like a fish out of water. This is at least kind of like true if you are visiting a country for the first time. Let’s say you just visited Nigeria and you’re coming in from Spain, or from the United States. Here are a few things you need to do to keep safe.


1. If you’re in Lagos, beware of entering a danfo bus anyhow because you could be entering “One Chance” transportation which is basically manned by evil people making use of human parts for rituals. Caution? Don’t be the last to enter a bus unless you see people struggling to get in.


2. If you find yourself in any part of the country other than Lagos or even insie Lagos itself, make sure never to trek too far away from your abode at first few weeks. Get to know the dynamics before you venture further.


3. Walking on the street? Do not show that you have tech gadgets with you. Carry your laptop in another bag that wouldn’t show muggers that what you have with you is a laptop. Avoid police, or hoodlums at all costs.


4. Do you love drinking or smoking? Avoid ‘joints’ or roadside open spaces where these are sold. You could be robbed by other customers.


5. If you can, avoid the northern parts of the country such as Kaduna, Kano, or sometimes, even Abuja. Lagos, Ogun, Delta, Ondo, Port Harcourt are safer than Bayelsa and other Niger-Delta areas of the country.


6. If you’re an Expat, simply register with your embassy. They can provide help when you least expect it. And if you ever get into trouble, they could be the first to come for you.


7. When trouble begins and you see people gathered watching other people fight; steer clear! Don’t be caught unawares. Leave the area immediately before the local authorities pack with other criminals or before you sustain any injury.


These tips are to get you started if you are new in Nigeria. Basically, Nigeria is a safe place when compared to other countries; except that every now and then, Boko Haram starts trouble around Northern areas of Nigeria.