Netherlands Shooting: 1 Dead, about 20 Injured

In News 2019-03-18 16:15:18
Netherlands Shooting: 1 Dead, about 20 Injured
Netherlands Shooting: 1 Dead, about 20 Injured

The shooting in Utrecht may have terrorist motive

It is possible that the shooting that occurred in Utrecht may have terrorist motive, police say as they search for the criminal responsible for the shooting. In view of this, security has been boosted across the Netherlands.


The shooting occurred in a tram and it left at least one person feared dead and up to 20 injured, some seriously. The incident happened at about 10.45am at a tram stop on the city’s central 24 Oktoberplein junction. All 20 victims that were injured have been admitted to hospital for treatment.


Before long, Utrecht police issued a CCTV picture of the suspect. He is alleged to be Turkish-born Gökman Tanis, aged 37. Further, authorities warned people not to approach him themselves but to alert them if they saw him. Eye-witness photographs are also needed to help identify the shooter better.


The Dutch national terrorism coordinator describe the efforts of police to hunt down the man as “complex operation”  and they believe that the shooter was working alone. Every effort at the moment is being focused on apprehending the man.


The local council is doing much to encourage masses safety by advising all Utrecht’s residents to stay indoors if at all possible as the scene of the shooting remained cordoned off while the search continues. Reports of shootings in other areas of the city were subsequently discounted by police. At least one source claimed at least one man had escaped in a red car.