National Identity Card Registration: Matters Arising

In Morning Crossfire 2019-09-26 09:06:18
National Identity Card Registration: Matters Arising
National Identity Card Registration: Matters Arising

As at December 2018, News Agency of Nigeria reported that 34 million Nigerians have been registered but the commission puts the number at about 36.6 million in 2019. These registrations occur in about 1000 centers nationwide. In September 16, 2019 Nigeria for the first time joins the rest of the world to mark the National Identity Day which is themed Assured Digital Identity for All.


The Regional Coordinator NIMC, Lagos, Mr. Kayode Adegoke is on hand to answer so many questions Nigerians, especially people who had negative issues while trying to register or after registering, need to get answered. He does his best to explain many aspects that the public are not aware of, but some were not buying it, still maintaining that the process is hampered by many depressing situations that turned away people from trying to get their personal national identification card.


Yesterday, another 99.3 Nigeria Info FM show known as Hard Facts also touched on this issue. The show was titled CHALLENGES FACING NATIONAL IDENTITY CARD on that show, Nigerians complained as much as they complained during Morning Crossfire.


National Identity Management Comission said it has registered 36 million Nigerians but people still have a lot of issues with the temporary one they've been given.


One key question Nigerians are asking is why nothing works in Nigeria. When will the permanent one arrive? And why is it that so many Nigerians have not been registered since the exercise began seven years ago?


Watch the program and see what challenges NIMC officials are facing, and what Nigerians think about the NIMC.


Watch Morning Crossfire below:



Check out the Hard Facts show with Aghogho Oboh on NIMC activities in Nigeria today. Watch the video below.



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By Jude Chukwuemeka