National Identification Number /JAMB Registrations

In Morning Crossfire 2020-01-13 11:45:23
National Identification Number /JAMB Registrations
National Identification Number /JAMB Registrations

By Jude Chukwuemeka



Mr Kayode Adegoke- Regional Coordinator, National Identity Management Commission, Lagos (NIMC).


Dr Fabian Benjamin – Spokesman for JAMB.





According JAMB Twitter page, "NIN is no longer a necessary requirement for candidates sitting for 2020 (this year's) Unified Tertiary Matriculation Examination (UTME) and Direct Entry (DE) registrations until 2021 to allow enough time for candidates to acquire their NIN."


JAMB had already tweeted that only candidates with National Identification Number will be able to register for the 2020 UTME.


Also, Sheriff points out that “NIN is the only identity number that will be recognized in the issuance of international passports, drivers’ licenses, and JAMB registration, henceforth.”


Mr Kayode Adegoke tells Sheriff on the Morning Crossfire today that one of the things he saw when registering Nigerians is the uncontrollable crowd. Secondly, he says that Nigerian parents and students were not quick to honor the call by JAMB to get their NIN before the JAMB registration exercise began.


“I’m telling Nigerians now the fact that it has been suspended does not mean that it has been cancelled.  Since the requirement to have NIN in order to enroll for JAMB, it gives students the time to get their NIN this year,” Adegoke says.


He encouraged Nigerians to act on time this year so as not to create more hassles in the future. He refutes the allegations that Sheriff brings up that NIMC isn’t equal to the task and on the other hand, the consultant is being forced to act.


Mr. Adegoke also says that NIMC staff were duly informed that they must not extort money from Nigerians. He says: “What I noticed was this… 80 percent of the news about extortion we hear out there are not true. I arrested four parents. Two of them were trying to bribe our staff. The other two lied against our staff.”


He admitted that touts are also disrupting the exercise and when Sheriff asks, Adegoke clarifies that since 95 percent of the offices used for registration of Nigerians does not belong NIMC, there’s little that can be done to discourage touts from being present in these locations.


“Most of the issues are from the Local Governments and we are working with the LGA Chairmen to discourage this practice.”


Here are reactions from Nigeria Info Facebook page as followers express themselves


Ogundeyi Peter Taiwo: On several occasions, my sister has been turned back by these NIMC officers for one reason or the other, ranging from network issues to lack of materials. Some of these officers deliberately slow down the whole process and request for bribe to speed it up.

It is such a huge mess and stress that we all are glad JAMB has suspended it.


Debo Alder: The NIN spokesman is trying hard to shift away from the reality. The arrangement at the registration centres in Lagos is a shame. They even cancel the pre-enrollment process. I took time to do the pre-enrolment online only to get to their office and I was told the process has been cancelled.


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