My Creativity Starts In the Loo - Basketmouth

In Entertainment 2020-03-09 20:14:23
My Creativity Starts In the Loo - Basketmouth
My Creativity Starts In the Loo - Basketmouth

By Dipo Omoware


Who would have thought, Basketmouth’s creative process starts in the restroom! Nigerian comedian Bright Okpocha was live on 99.3 Nigeria Info and he told the What’s Up Lagos crew his creative process begins with a visit to ‘great white throne’.


“It starts from going to the toilet,” he said in response to show host Ugochi Aduwa’s question on how his creative process works.


“I’m sorry but it’s my own ritual. I just go and sit down,” the 41-year-old. “I can be there for an hour or more, doing nothing.”


“I was in the toilet when Cobhams skit hit me. The reason why I remember that one was because it gave birth to a lot of things and if I wasn’t in that toilet, maybe it wouldn’t have happened.”


It was not all about the great white throne though. Basketmouth lamented the lack of structure in the Nigerian entertainment industry and platforms for comedians to hone their skills.


“A lot of the comedians that we have in Nigeria do not have a platform to rehearse or practice. There is no comedy club.”


“Just the same way you have TerraKulture, let’s have comedy clubs in Lekki, in Ikeja and somewhere else. We have more human resources than natural resources in Nigeria but our government fails to realise it. All they need to do is to give these guys (young comedians) the right environment.”


The ace comedian who co-created and stars on the TV series ‘My Flatmates’ told Sheriff Quadri that he was working on something.


"It’s called Sunday Night Laughs, every Sunday evening I am going to be entertaining you guys with pure undiluted stand-up comedy."