Missing Child in Ondo and Mob Action

In Morning Crossfire 2019-12-20 13:21:28
Missing Child in Ondo and Mob Action
Missing Child in Ondo and Mob Action

By Jude Chukwuemeka




CSP Femi Joseph - Ondo Police PRO


Tosin Ajuwon – Sahara Reporters' Journalist harassed


Akinyemi Omoware - Lawyer (involved with the Ondo Church/Pastor)


Questions are raised about the missing child in Ondo State, Kolawole Gold who got missing after Church service and the troubles that followed that event.




Morning Crossfire takes a look at what happened to the journalists who tried to report the event. One of the journalists who was beaten comes on the show; Tosin Ajuwon. He says on the show that several journalists were ‘beaten black and blue’ by the mob and police. Before that, the police shot teargas into the game. Reporters from BBC, Beat FM and he was descended on by the police. “They told us to stop reporting the incident.” He said one of the policemen told Tosin he would be wasted.


The CSP says he has since apologized for the brutality of the police and the way they treated the reporters. He promised that he was going to deal with the police if the journalists can identify the culprits. The best way to identify the policemen is to see their names and numbers.


He tells Nigerians why he was beaten while he tried to do his job. Mr. Akinyemi, a lawyer confesses that it is true that a child got missing on that day. He gave some background information regarding the issue, among other things claiming that the police have shown some missing children pictures to the parents of the missing boy.


As regard the insinuation that it is the Church that told the parents to hold on for them to do their finding, Barr. Akinyemi says it is not true.


The videos of the child have gone viral on the internet as Wemimo reveals on the show. But the CSP Femi Joseph says the parents were not satisfied about the way the police handled the matter. The parents went back to the church and wanted to burn the church. The parents previously didn’t report the issue to the police station nearby.


News reports, nationally and internationally, have shown that the attacks on journalists is almost becoming a daily occurrence. Apparently, this is possibly due to a battle to silence the voices of journalists so as to incapacitate them from performing their primary mandate.


The mandate is to serve as the voice of the masses and to reveal the true situation of things to the entire populace. A recent instance could be seen when three journalists were attacked while covering the mob action at Sotitobire Miracle Centre, Akure, Ondo state on 18th December, 2019.


The show hosts ask: How best do you think the government would yield to creating policies that would ensure the rights of journalists are not trampled upon? Furthermore, both hopes that Nigerians can suggest ways to adopt by both the govt and security operatives in putting an end Journalist harassment in Nigeria.


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