Minister Lauds National Hospital for its Success in Conjoined Twins Separation

In News 2020-01-08 15:47:20
Minister Lauds National Hospital for its Success in Conjoined Twins Separation
Minister Lauds National Hospital for its Success in Conjoined Twins Separation

The Minister of Health, Mr Osagie Ehanire, has commended the National Hospital for the first ever successful separation of conjoined twins by a team of surgeons at the hospital.


Ehanire made the commendation during his official visit to the hospital in Abuja to see the medical feat, describing the surgical operation as "a remarkable one.”


He urged the hospital’s management and the team of surgeons to sustain their excellent teamwork, saying it would go a long to boost confidence of Nigerians in the nation’s health care delivery.


“It was the first successful operation of this type at this hospital and it marks a bold venture into the realm of advanced surgery.


“Twins are normally conjoined when an embryo fails to divide completely during formation; a condition that can present complex and delicate challenges to teams attempting separation, especially when critical internal organs like liver, heart and intestines are shared or connected.


“The successful outcome of this surgery is thanks to the availability of top experts at National Hospital, Abuja, their dedication to the profession and thanks to careful planning, excellent teamwork and the administrative support they received.”


“I must especially commend the Chief Medical Director and the management of National Hospital Abuja, for their leadership.


“I salute the strong compliment of highly trained and committed personnel who have shown not only that their individual expertise in medicine is strong, but also have demonstrated extraordinary ability for safe seamless teamwork that made this intricate level of advance surgery possible.”


He also urged other hospitals in Nigeria to aim high and emulate this team.


The Chief Medical Director of the National Hospital, Dr Jaf Momoh, told News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) that the hospital’s feat to the effectiveness of teamwork among the medical experts brought together, adequate funding and the parents’ confidence in the ability of the medical team.


Momoh stressed the need for more funds to be invested in the nation’s health sector to discourage medical tourism, and equip the health institutions.


“The states need to do more in order to build specialist hospitals or support the existing ones; employ more staff so that we will not be having brain drain.


“Also, they would be able to provide places for `housemanship’ in their general hospitals so that we will not be having young doctors or health workers roaming the street for a year or two.


“I believe we can reverse medical tourism slowly. There will be a time where services like this will be available in many places and if you have to travel abroad it’s because you just want to go,” he said.


Prof. Emmanuel Ameh, the Head of the Medical Team and Chief Paediatric Surgeon, said that Nigerians needed to repose more confidence in the country’s medical personnel.


Ameh also attributed the feat of his team to effective coordination towards achieving a resounding success in the surgical operation carried out on the affected twins.


On his part, the father of the twins, Mr Michael Edeh, thanked the government, management and staff of National Hospital for their support and encouragement. (NAN)