#MBE: Need to Restore Confidence in Nigeria’s E-Commerce

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#MBE: Need to Restore Confidence in Nigeria’s E-Commerce
#MBE: Need to Restore Confidence in Nigeria’s E-Commerce

By Esther David & Hope Samson


It is Tech Tuesday on Money, Business & Economy, and Tunji Andrew talks Technology, Financial Technology, and Business on 99.3, Nigeria Info, Lagos.


He starts on the headline; Google Map Marks 15 Year Milestone


His remarks: Popular mobile app, Google map marks 15 year milestone on the road with new features. The map which has dominated the market of navigation apps in recent years has helped move navigation to the digital age.

The app explore tab offers reviews of details regarding restaurants, shops, theatres and other location capabilities in Smartphones.

Expressing how scary and weird it feels whenever his phone pops up, asking about his whereabouts and reviews, Tunji says, "it tells you that the Matrix has got us. One you’re giving them reviews and two, you’re telling them that they are tracking you efficiently.”

Onome Ohwovoriole of Money Africa adds: “Now that they are 15 years old, I think that small businesses can monetize so that the Google don’t make all the money."


Offering additional comments on Onome’s thought, Tunji remarks that Google has tendencies of fighting any competitor that wouldn’t work with its platform. He rather advises small businesses to remain in their space.


Second headline: We Need to Restore Confidence in Nigeria’s E-Commerce


Summary... The Co-Chief Executive Officer, Nnamdi Ekeh says there is an urgent need to restore confidence in the e-commerce industry.


Tunji attests to Konga trying to be ahead with proper e-commerce practice but  a flaw within their system on effective return policies makes the company look bad. 


Relating this to “What I ordered Versus What I got scenario" He says, “I ordered a black tank top from one of those online malls that looked really lush and beautiful in picture. And when it was delivered, it was pretty much one of those see-through tops you see in traffic.  After two years, I keep begging them to take it and they’ve refused.”


Abubakar Idris, another guest in the studio suggests that a regulatory body be created to check online stores. These bodies can do app reviews, get feedbacks and call them out.


Netflix Introduces ‘Low Data’ AVI Video Codec for Android 

One of the problems some people have had with Netflix and other digital platforms is that Data is expensive especially in Nigeria. They have realized this and are trying to get more people to sign up through low data entry points.
But here in Nigeria, we are trying to get $500M to add to an outgoing technology.


“Minister of Information, Lai Mohammed says we will compete with the likes of CNN if the $500 million loan is approved. Why not just go towards the digital platform? Because that’s where the world is going, I don’t remember the last time I sat in front of a television set, Tunji says.


Co-founder BMAC, Sam Afemikeh asks if the Minister in question has started any company in terms of media or technology. Tunji believes that the minister is not in tune with Netflix, so he isn’t in line anymore. 


Akua Nyame-Mensah chimes in, “Let him get himself some self awareness."

But Onome says the people who are in that space should innovate for that space. He continues, Nigeria has amazing entrepreneurs with amazing mind. Look at the guys in Iroko, Max, O-pay, Go-kada, they’re all sub 35, Sam said.


Last Headline: MTN Retailers to Get Solar-Installed Kiosks

It is great news that MTN Nigeria is empowering over 2000 retailers across the country with solar installed kiosk as a Service scheme. But Abubakar worries if it is an experiment or something they plan to scale. How many retailers are they giving compared to 5% or 10% of retailers they have?


Sam seems to think that there is a lack of thought in the relevance of the scheme and how they are supposed to impact people.” I have a big problem with that empowering because we sweep dust under the carpert with the word empowering,” he added.



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