Majek Fashek is Getting Better - Manager

In Entertainment 2019-11-13 17:36:02
Majek Fashek is Getting Better - Manager
Majek Fashek is Getting Better - Manager

By Dipo Omoware


Uzoma Omenka, manager of legendary reggae artiste, Majek Fashek has said his client’s health is getting better.


Uzoma, earlier today in an exclusive interview with Nigeria Info’s Ijeoma Esek had said the Rainmaker is currently recuperating at the Queen Elizabeth Hospital, Woolich in London.


Majek had been admitted at the hospital after suffering an undisclosed ailment. The singer fell ill in September and was initially admitted at a Lagos hospital, but was thereafter taken to London a few days later when his condition deteriorated.


Uzoma informed Nigeria Info the singer was first diagnosed with a cancer-like ailment which resulted in a swollen leg but the physicians have now ruled out cancer.


Omenka said as soon as the reggae legend is discharged from the hospital, a "Thank You" concert will be scheduled for his fans who supported him with donations and prayers.


Additional report by Ijeoma Esek.